Agency: BBDO Singapore
Client: NTUC First Campus (NFC)
Project: Happier Teachers are Better Teachers

Early childhood educators have one of the most important jobs out there but they are often overlooked and sometimes, even looked down upon. They are seen as glorified babysitters, nannies, playdates, and not as individuals given the daunting task of moulding young minds of the future. 

NTUC First Campus (and us) were tired of that. We were tired of teachers being stripped away of their individuality. We were tired of good, dedicated, purpose-driven teachers fading into the background with no recognition 364 days of the year (thank heavens for Teachers’ Day). And so, to attract such teachers to join NFC and give them what they deserve, we needed to bring to life and show them our belief—that happier teachers are better teachers

We did this by straying away from the same overused tropes of teachers looking beatific while posing with students in a classroom. Instead, we highlighted and celebrated the individuality each teacher possessed by bringing them to the fore. We wanted to show that at NFC, teachers aren’t teachers who exist only in classrooms amongst students. They are unique individuals with their own beliefs, interests and passions.