Competition: Young Glory Round 1
Project: Vape the Real Rainbow

COVID-19 has proved (and still is proving) to be a daunting challenge for America. And with the vaping epidemic among the Gen Z youth still going strong, the situation ahead looks grim. Especially since vapers are more prone to contracting COVID-19 and the complications that come with it. Yet despite warnings and advisories, this (stupidly) fearless generation continues to vape till no end. So, how can we attract the attention of these defiant Gen Zers and convince them to stop vaping for good?

FYI. We kinda deviated from the orignal brief because we just coulnd’t make ourselves answer to something we really didn’t believe in. We were tasked to add a COVID-19 spin on an existing platform (Get The Vape Off Your Back) and to answer to an insight that made no sense:

Vaping = parties + mingling = SPREAD OF COVID-19

We did our research and our problem was more real than the given one.