A little about us

We've been partners since 2019 and just as our intro states, we basically share the same braincell. We know each other that well. We can almost read each other’s minds—especially during WTF-type briefs—and even have the same dreams sometimes. This proves especially useful during brainstorms.

But of course, things don’t always go that smoothly for us two. I mean putting two feisty, thick-skinned, stubborn af, and free-spirited girls together doesn’t spell harmony. We’re often at loggerheads over the smallest details—but never unnecessarily. It's almost always for the better of the work.

Whether we need to come up with a crazy campaign idea by EOD or churn out a case study video within 48 hours, we always make the work, work. No matter what it takes.

Wanna learn more about us? Have a burning question about one of our weird ideas? Dying to give us some plant care tips (which would be very much appreciated because Daph keeps killing her plants)?

Drop us an email at pingthetwins@gmail.com, send us a text or call us at 9800 5128 (Nic)/85111 068 (Daph) and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.